#Ididntreport – Thriller – Marie-Hélène Branciard

#Ididntreport - Thriller - Marie-Hélène Branciard

 “He is as white as a sheets, tied up to his desk chair, he clenches his teeth, determined to say nothing. A few moments ago, Margaret Thatcher made him swirl twi oy three times, by pure sadism. By his side, the other one, hidden behind its Kim Jong-un’s mask, drums casually on its I-phone. « You know, Simon, she breaks in a soft voice, we are not like your friends the cops. Contrary to them, we want the truth and we can think of heaps of unpleasant things to make the garbage of your sort speak. » #Ididntreport (extract)


After a pro « Same-sex marriage » demonstration, Solün, press photographer, discovers the body of a young woman. At the hospital, she meets her friends – bit of a mad group of artists – and goes with them after the attackers. The commandant Jourdan, officially in charge of the investigation will not appreciate their help… The black bird of Twitter and the shadow of some monsters are haunting the story while a mysterious DJ talks about revenge and creation…

« Marie-Hélène Branciard writes about funny and charming characters, lesbians in daily resistance for the respect for their humanity, smarts hackers, all of them orbiting round the investigation led by the commandant Jourdan who will try, in spite of the difficulties, to see that culprits get to the hands of justice. » Marie Van Moere (Foreword)

#Jenaipasportéplainte – Marie-Hélène Branciard – 2016 – éditions du Poutan