Extracts Thriller #Ididntreport #Jenaipasportéplainte

Extracts Thriller #Ididntreport #Jenaipasportéplainte


Bastards… Hermaphrodites… Degenerated

DJ tears away her headphones, releases the joystick and freezes. After all her efforts to write down a text which would finally express the way she feels, the words settled in by themselves. It looks like they waited for her to leave them alone, to get fully into her video games to emerge. She does not know why, but this time the music is not enough. She wants to speak, to roar and these three small words are going to open her the way.
On its Home cinema, Arya Stark is going with great trouble through a destroyed territory. Hung up on his sword, The Weasel awaits, motionless like a stupid out of order avatar, her help. DJ Amy turns away from it nevertheless: Game of Thrones will have to wait…
On her bed, a small computer takes a humming nap. She wakes him unscrupulously by putting her two hands on the warm keyboard… The words flow effortlessly :

Helmeted by rumours and fury
They cross the times
The sun is in mourning
It snows on cracked screens
Of their livid lives…

She closes her eyes, stretches, shakes her head and throws an SOS in the night which sticks on the immense plane glass windows … Outside, London bubbles. She has to empty her thoughts, to return to these three words which appeared as if by magic…

Bastards… Hermaphrodites… Degenerated
Perched on their clouds
Helmeted by noises and fury
In their 3D armors
They forgot everything…
The key of keywords
The tag of hashtags…

Extrait #jenaipasportéplainteMarie-Hélène BranciardÉditions du Poutan – P12

Your avatar hidden between two keys of my keyboard
No evidence of the evil things you’ve done to me in real
But everything is broken inside of me in me

Everything began when I read this glaucous poem on the Facebook account of a certain M@rylin just as much a victim as the real one… And then there was this serie of tweets with the hashtag #Ididntreport. Women of whole world explained in 140 characters why they did not lodge a complaint after a rape or a sexual assault.

– Because it is him whom they believed
– Because I was drunk
– Because a shrink told me that it was not a rape if he had no weapon
– Because I did not shout, nor bite, nor strike
– Because it was the guy with whom I lived …

There are heaps of reasons not to lodge a complaint after a rape. But I, I lodged a complaint and I lost… The bastard who raped me denied the charge and I was not able to prove his guilt. Then, when I read all these messages I said to myself: « but holy shit, for fuck’s sake, why the need to be crying everywhere that we did not lodge a complaint?!! It does not make a slight bit of difference for the rapists … It can even make them even more certain that they can’t be incriminated. «

Now then, girls, I am going to tell you what I did …